Triade undertakes to:


                          1.  Conform to the NF EN-15038:2006 standard.1

                          2.  Deliver a clear and precise quotation as quickly as possible.

                          3.  Check and recheck every translation.2

                          4.  Create and use specific glossaries, with a view to consistency
                         in translation terminology.

                          5.  Adhere strictly to agreed delivery dates.

                          6.  Observe professional secrecy.

                          7.  Ensure the security of databases, translation memories and files.

                          8.  Archive all work files within 5 years.


                         1.  NF EN-15038:2006 is a European standard of quality specific to the translation services.
                              It encompasses the actual process of translation as well as all related aspects involved in
                              providing the service, notably quality assurance and traceability.

                         2.  Every one of us possesses a higher qualification in translation studies and another qualification
                               in a technical field, plus a minimum of 20 years of professional experience in translation.

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